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Pabel NJ

Pabel NJ is the founder and director of the VectoFile website. [] website has been created to provide Adobe Photoshop Editable files in .PSD format for free for graphic designer. is the original owner of all VectoFile website designs. And several other websites including are the founders and directors of Pabel NJ

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Comments - Largest Collection of Free Vector Art, Vector Images, Graphics, Illustrations and background designs. From our collection of free Vectors sorted by categories and tags. You can start downloading the Illustrator EPS, AI, JPG, PDF, SVG Files from our wide range of collection for All Free Download.

Most of Graphic Designers Love VectoFile. Because many high quality graphics source files can be collected for free from our site. has an incredible assortment of, you guessed it, Free Vector Graphics that you can download and use any way that you choose. Multiple categories, thousands of free images and vectors and links to many other helpful sites as well make them definitely a site that you’ll want to Bookmark and go back to over and over again., It’s easy to navigate and there’s no need to become a member or give any personal info to start downloading any free file that you need. have an RSS Feed of course and an email Newsletter, both of which will update you regularly on what’s new on the site.

If you need high quality Vectors on a regular basis and like to get them as cheaply as possible take a look at All the free Vectors you want, excellent info and links to other resources and a great community of like-minded, helpful and friendly people.

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